Who owns creativity?

Could democratisation of the creative process provide the renewable energy that brands need to cope with constant change?

Creativity and storytelling

We’re born curious and creative. It’s how we learn - and move forward. But, all too soon, creativity becomes the preserve of a select number of job titles.

What then, if many more roles within brand owners and agencies, from project management to sales, were given the remit and responsibility to be creative? To pitch in, comment and collaborate on “creative” projects that have always been deemed beyond the job description. 

What would be the upshot - for both those creative projects and also every other part of the business – if a spirit of creativity was unleashed across all aspects of an organisation?

As brands try to plot a course through an economy buffeted by challenge after unexpected challenge, all of which demand greater flex, smarter solutions and faster responses, could this collaborative approach be a new source of renewable energy?

We interrogate this idea of a democratisation of creativity with an expert panel of brand and agency leaders and ask: 

  • How does cracking open the mystique of creativity change an entire business culture?
  • How can it lead to different, better results – and faster?
  • What works, what ought to work better and what’s new? 
  • When does multi-voice collaboration lead to blandishment-by-committee? And how to avoid it?
  • What other ramifications can open-sourced “creative” projects create?
  •  Let’s talk about egos!
  • What’s the best route to this collaboration? 

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