When the right culture really pays off

When the right culture really pays off

How building an organisational culture with the strategic use of measurement data at its heart can drive exceptional business results

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Today’s advanced marketing measurement tools and technologies are game changers - and nearly all businesses see value in data.

But that’s not enough.

For organisations to truly ramp up their performance with analytics, they need to put the strategic use of marketing data right at the centre of their culture - and to keep it central.

What does that look like? Join Mark Gooding, Neustar’s Head of Growth EMEA & APAC for Marketing Solutions and industry leaders as they discuss how to assess your own culture, as well as how other companies have achieved extraordinary results by getting it right.

Why this will be useful to you:

Companies mastering an analytics culture see nearly three times more improvements than others in

  • business decision-making speed and time-to-market with new products
  • higher marketing ROI
  • greater marketing efficiency
  • and new customer insights

We’ll explore:

  • How to self-assess where your analytics culture stands and take steps toward improving it.
  • How companies with strong analytics cultures involve customer insights and data teams more in marketing decision making, keeping data insights more directly connected to decision making.
  • How an analytics culture is best cultivated when the right strategy is combined with operational and organisational change, from the top down.

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