The Book Club (virtual edition)

The Book Club (virtual edition)

With Cyril Bouquet and Michael Wade, co-authors of Alien Thinking

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In association with Penguin Business and Campaign, Zone is delighted to host a virtual Book Club with Cyril Bouquet and Michael Wade, two of the authors of Alien Thinking - How to Bring Your Breakthrough Ideas to Life. We would like to invite you to join us to hear them discuss their new book which unpacks their research into the patterns that distinguish true innovators from the rest of us. 

For over a decade, innovation experts Cyril Bouquet, Jean-Louis Barsoux and Michael Wade have studied individuals around the world who have made leaps of creative genius. 

How did a balloonist circumnavigate the earth without fuel? How did an inventor design a device that creates electrical power from human footsteps? How did the WHO figure out how to treat and reduce the transmission of Ebola?

They all used alien thinking.

Alien thinkers know how to free their imagination and detect hard-to-observe patterns. They practice deliberate ways to retreat from the world in order to see the bigger picture underlying a problem. And they prototype ideas in systematic ways to reflect feedback and the constraints of reality.

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from two of the trio behind this book, Cyril and Michael as they help you innovate better and develop world-changing ideas of your own. You’ll also bag yourself a free audio copy of the book!

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