Out of darkness: a new dawn of media transparency

Out of darkness: a new dawn of media transparency

The impact of the pandemic varies greatly across sectors so it is critical for brands to reprioritise marketing budgets and to use spend effectively. This is a great opportunity.

Thanks to global lockdowns, digital and social channels have grown but performance marketers must talk to this increased audience wisely. Direct-to-customer is now normal and it demands trustworthy and effective performance marketing. It’s no longer simply about how many, it’s more about who?

This is a critical time to reinforce your brand with careful, tactful strategy and creative, as well as transparency. When done well, the ability of performance marketing to react and adapt with its data-driven, informed approach is crucial in delivering impactful messages at scale. 

In this webinar, in partnership with our friends at mFilterIt, we discuss how strategy, brand safety and measurement has changed post-Covid. Plus, we explore:

  • How to acquire and validate new and genuine customers

  • Retargeting relevant offerings as brands look to reinvent themselves

  • Performance-marketing control and brand safety

  • How to weed out the bots from the digital marketing maze

  • The trend for well-targeted, immersive video marketing

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