The four essential opportunities for 2021 unmasked

The four essential opportunities for 2021 unmasked


Assumptions kill growth. In a year of huge change and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to look forward, plan your next steps and identify what you can capitalise on to make your marketing a success in 2021.

So, what do you focus on?

Well, in short – fresh data about your audience. Consumer data should always be at the heart of your decision making, but given the last eight months, many routes to market are less profitable, shopping behaviours have changed drastically, and entirely new pockets of opportunity are ripe for exploration.

In this webinar, Attest’s Tom Shannon uses proprietary data collected in September 2020 to identify the four most fruitful areas for marketers to explore and integrate into their 2021 planning.

You’ll find out:

- How to approach brand messages and creative in this changed world  

- Which marketing channels will drive huge return-on-investment

- Which 2020 consumer trends are here to stay, and how to weave them into your campaigns

- How people are shopping and what they’re looking for from retailers

- Which consumer brands are getting it right – and will inspire

Shannon will analyse real-life case studies and data to bring each learning to life, giving you the insight needed not only to survive, but thrive, next year.

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