The AI tools you need for business - and for life

An expert guide to what you need to know about, as a marketer and a human.

New AI capabilities are revolutionising the way we live. We know what quite a few of them are, and we actually use some. But there’s always that nagging feeling that we don’t know what we don’t know - and we’re not sure what we should.

Is it worth investing time, energy (and money?) in finding out about that new shiny tool that promises the earth - or will it prove a complete waste? But, then, what if we’re missing out on “the thing” that could make everything so much simpler, faster, better? And how on earth do you use this stuff?

Happily, we’re here to bring you the guidance you need. (It’s true, by the way. Getting on for half (41%) of marketers said their main challenge with AI was lack of knowledge in how to use it effectively in SurveyMonkey research conducted in July.)

In this session, hosted by a Campaign editor, Stuart Bowden, global chief strategy and product officer at Wavemaker and AI expert, will walk you through the essential AI tools you need to get your head around - both as a marketer (for work) and as a human (for life). And what you need to make sure your team is all over, but that you don’t need to be.

Plus Divya Shroff, senior product marketing manager at SurveyMonkey, will share new research on how marketers are using AI today and its potential to impact the marketing landscape in the future.

You’ll learn how your competitors are (or are not) using AI in the workplace today, as well as what AI applications are helping marketers do their jobs better and deliver better outcomes.

If you have a question you’d like them to answer, let us know by Monday 20th November (anonymously or otherwise), in the comments box below.

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