How private channels are changing digital engagement with customers

How private channels are changing digital engagement with customers


Editor's Note: In light of the challenging circumstances we currently find ourselves in, we will pay attention during this webinar to the global coronavirus pandemic. Many brands find themselves in crisis mode at present, and we will discuss the need to show one-to-one support for consumers and sensitive personal contact with them - in the channels that currently support them best.

There is a continued disconnect between what customers want from brands and what brands are actually providing. Recent research* shows that 62% of consumers expect brands to be available and open to communication in all their favourite digital channels. Yet brands don’t always have the tech, infrastructures, or team to manage this at scale. 

But what does this mean in practice? Customers expect brands to be utilising messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and more. The business value of this is that these services can help edge out the competition by providing customers with a personalised and direct line of communication.

In a world that is driven by digital experiences, this webinar, hosted in partnership with Khoros explores the value of conversational marketing. What it means for a business to build private networks and how this can enhance customer engagement.

We explore:

  • How to fit conversational marketing into your strategy

  • What are the common mistakes and pitfalls

  • Where and when has this strategy worked well

  • How to ignite your conversion rates

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