More brands are opting for omnichannel campaigns these days, buying via a single platform rather than from individual media providers.

And this trend is only set to grow in 2023, fuelled by the expansion of digital in almost every media channel - from audio and connected TV to digital online and out of home.

While hitting multiple channels through a one-stop-buy might seem the simplest of solutions: is it too good to be true?

What are the potential pitfalls to watch for? What challenges are there to circumnavigate as the world moves increasingly in an omnichannel direction? What do you need to adapt, learn and finesse in your approach? 

And, crucially, how can you find out which channel is really working for you?

Our partner in this session is On Device Research, who have (helpfully) just launched a new single-source measurement solution for omnichannel campaigns.

Within the discussion, we’ll be getting the low-down on exactly how this works and why it brings more accuracy for brands and greater confidence in omnichannel planning and buying.

Among other things, our expert panel will dig into:

  • The rise and benefits of omnichannel campaigns
  • What issues do they throw up for brands and agencies? How do they know the reach of each media channel, plus the incremental reach of their campaign overall?
  • How have they been managing these issues - and to what effect?
  • Why have omnichannel campaigns been difficult to measure in the past?
  • What does accurate omnichannel measurement need to entail?
  • What’s the benefit of a single-source measurement provider? What are the downsides? Is this too good to be true?
  • What are the challenges in adapting the creative for each environment in an omnichannel campaign?
  • How does the fragmenting media world and the new technological ways in which digital media is planned and bought affect how we need to better understand the part that each media channel plays within the purchase funnel. How do we get to that place?
  • What’s the future for omnichannel over the next year?

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