Myth-busters Q&A on-demand: cutting open the CTV opportunity

Myth-busters Q&A on-demand: cutting open the CTV opportunity

Watch this important discussion on connected TV, hosted by Campaign media editor Arvind Hickman - featuring a keynote by Steph McGovern and insights from the general public 

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Myths are legendary. They're also nonsense. And they need busting, especially when it comes to CTV. 

That's why Campaign has gathered a squad of myth-busters, experts in connected TV, to tackle the bogus assumptions surrounding adland's most talked about technology. Busting makes them feel good.

We ran a survey to find out your thoughts on CTV and to uncover knowledge gaps. In this event, we discuss the findings in an open forum. Our speakers talk candidly about the opportunities and challenges surrounding CTV so you’ll come away with a much clearer idea of its potential for your brand.

If you’ve got any questions or confusion about CTV… or you’re simply wondering, what’s all the hype, this is the session for you…

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