Inspiration Nation: Pinterest UK audience study reveal

Inspiration Nation: Pinterest UK audience study reveal

Watch this session to better understand Pinterest users and find out what your brand has in common 

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Pinterest has over 475m monthly active users – that’s a touch more than the population of South America. That’s a lot of people to get your head round. 

There is no doubt that the Pandemic has changed us in how we think, feel and behave. Because of this it throws up questions to marketers today on how to connect with people through the stories we tell and who we tell them to. That’s what Pinterest’s latest study, Inspiration Nation, commissioned by Sparkler, delves into.

It pulls Pinners (Pinterest users) behaviour and habits apart via demographics then draws insights about the people that use – and buy – on the platform. It interrogates the platform’s range of users and reveals different Pinners’ value to advertisers. 

Do you want to gear your advertising according to the people that are likely to respond to your brand? Understanding the people behind ‘the aesthetic seekers’, ‘the conscious go-getters’, or ‘the inspired makers’ (and more) helps tap huge opportunities. 

In this hour-long session with Campaign UK editor Maisie McCabe, Pinterest’s brand researcher, Sydney Stanback and Sparkler’s managing consultant, Tom Birch, will give an in-depth analysis of the research then pull out the key learnings for brands and agencies.

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