How to reach customers in the age of the attention economy

Global internet traffic has increased by 70% over the past 12 months . The number of online transactions rose by 27% and conversion rates by 25%. During the pandemic, global digital ad spend grew by 2.4%. This year, that’s expected to rise to 17%. With the growth in e-commerce and the time consumers spend online increasing each year, this should mean good times for advertisers and advertising agencies. 

But there’s another metric which complicates matters. Psychologists found that the average human will concentrate on a new stimulus for just eight seconds – that’s one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. This poses a serious challenge for advertisers and agencies: how can they hook consumers and keep them engaged, particularly in an increasingly crowded digital maze?

This report, crafted in partnership with Taboola, explores why mindset and context are key to capturing attention and delivering ROAS. It features brand case studies and in-depth interviews with some of the best minds in advertising.