How to capitalise on digital leadership today for the future of commerce tomorrow

A new hybrid world of retail is emerging: physical and digital spaces are becoming indistinguishable, and shopping is becoming a more interconnected experience. 

This shift to a more modern customer journey calls for digital transformation—which makes for a more complex approach to commerce for agencies, consultancies, and their clients. 

In this paper, Meta explores the current challenges and opportunities in ushering in this future of commerce, through the following insights (1):

  • Why agencies and consultancies need to lead their clients through digital transformation
  • How the current challenges present critical opportunities for leadership
  • How agencies and consultancies in the UK are faring with online commerce solutions
  • The vision of commerce that agencies and consultancies are striving for 
  • How Meta’s online commerce offering supports agency and consultancy leadership  

1 All claims and insights are sourced from Agency DisCo research, January 2022; conducted by Meta and Bovitz, Inc., a global research and strategy agency, through an online survey (n=1000) and one-on-one interviews (n=30) among advertising, marketing, and media agencies and consultancies throughout the NORAM, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions.