Game-changing TV metrics: how can the industry deliver?

Game-changing TV metrics: how can the industry deliver?

Advertisers want a better understanding of how effective their investments are in television. Ideally, they want cross-industry measurement and common standards in every environment. But is this achievable? And, if so, how?

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The different media measurements that currently exist are complex and don’t make an advertiser’s job easy. And with the exponential growth of connected TV and broadcaster video on-demand, the world of measurement has become even more fragmented. Brands want better metrics for TV – and in general.

The global ad industry is trying to tackle this issue, with key players collaborating to answer this problem, finally. As we move closer to finding solutions, what are advertisers hoping to solve? What does an ideal cross-industry measurement look like? Is this what will lead us to better TV metrics?

And what role does planning play in influencing the outcomes? Can smart planning improve the results?

That’s exactly what Campaign and The Trade Desk set out to explore in this interactive Q&A session. Submit your all-important questions when you sign up and we'll put them to a panel of marketing, measurement and broadcasting experts to answer. 

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