Rethinking the sustainability agenda

With a 2030 deadline for delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, the clock is ticking for businesses across the globe to take decisive action on sustainability and commit to reaching these punchy targets. 

The continuing impact of Covid-19 has meant that in many sectors, sustainability has taken something of a backseat. This is particularly pertinent for the live events industry - with live experiences in limbo for the past year, there is increased scrutiny on the bottom line, meaning that sustainability may be less of a priority now, than it was 12 months ago.

With the experiences sector expected to resume later this year after a year-long hiatus, CSM Live surveyed clients from a range of industries to explore their attitudes towards sustainability post-Covid. We wanted to know whether sustainability efforts have taken a back seat in light of the pandemic and ongoing economic challenges, what the stumbling blocks are, the future of ‘brand in hand’ and whether sustainability can co-exist meaningfully alongside procurement.

In this report, brought to you in partnership with CSM Live (part of global integrated marketing agency CSM Sport and Entertainment), we reveal our findings, explore how live events can go greener and how brands can bring sustainability back to the top of the agenda.