Digital Dilemmas: we tackle your biggest marketing challenges LIVE

Digital Dilemmas: we tackle your biggest marketing challenges LIVE

Join this live and interactive agony-aunt style session for sound marketing advice – and learn what your peers are grappling with

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We called for your biggest headaches – and you answered. Now two digital marketers are going to help you overcome them. We’re focussing on the below dilemmas, sent in by real marketers. There’s a live Q&A during the show so you can either ask for further explanation – or hold the experts to account…

  • How do you know where the relevant people are – and how to reach them?
  • Why do algorithms favour younger audiences (18-35) and how can we target older audiences that are more relevant to our brand?
  • Why is measurement across different channels so inconsistent and hard to measure? How can we make it easier?
  • What are the alternatives against the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba if we want to make an impact on digital?
  • How can we improve the measurement and tracking of audiences as they migrate from broadcast to streaming services?
  • Is it possible to reach our entire audience… at once?
  • How do we keep up with technology and buying methods when best practice is always changing?

Get ahead of your marketing peers with genuine, constructive approaches to avoiding or overcoming these barriers to effectiveness. It could be the most valuable hour of your week.

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