Connected TV: A myth busting guide

Connected TV is here to stay, but there is still hesitancy among advertisers about whether now is the right time to fully embrace it. But with big players such as Channel 4 aiming to earn 30% of its ad revenue from digital services by 2025, the shift towards connecting with streaming audiences cannot be ignored.

To dispel some of the myths that have prevented advertisers from capitalising on this emerging market, Campaign has teamed up with The Trade Desk to bring you an expert guide to CTV. Read our report for essential context around how to buy into one of the most dynamic parts of the TV market and to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • How is CTV defined and will it take over from linear TV?

  • Are there large enough audiences to justify marketers’ attention?

  • How can advertisers have confidence in what is being sold to them?

  • Is CTV advertising likely to be cost-effective?

  • How can CTV deliver personalisation at scale in a brand-safe environment?