Building Brands Q&A: Is this the golden age of TV?

Building Brands Q&A: Is this the golden age of TV?

As streaming TV is forging ahead, marketers are looking to connected TV platforms. Join our marketing Q&A to find out how you can maximise the opportunity

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Everything is shifting. But everyone is winning. Viewers have more control and choice over their TV consumption than ever before. While marketers can reach new and previously untapped audiences, at unprecedented scale and efficiency. Yes, the future of television is now – and marketers are paying attention.

As connected TV becomes more sophisticated, it is a major growth channel for marketers to engage audiences that are no longer watching linear broadcast TV. So, marketers can target using richer data and insights – and prove the return on investment.

An exciting time – but it’s key that marketers keep pace and follow the data to maximise their investment in connected TV.

That’s why Campaign and The Trade Desk are bringing you an interactive industry Q&A. Submit your all-important questions when you sign up and we'll put them to a panel of marketing and broadcasting experts to answer. 

We’re exploring:

  • Changing viewing trends and how this affects brands
  • The rise of audience targeting/ programmatic in connected TV
  • The unique opportunities that connected TV presents – and how it fits into your strategy
  • Ways to maximise reach and monetisation
  • How to use connected TV to build on linear investments
  • Preparing for the future

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