Marketing & sales: we’re better together

Marketing & sales: we’re better together

There’s no better time for marketing and sales to forge a more integrated team - and win 2021

Hear how to boost revenue by 70%


If the past year has taught us anything about business productivity and results, it’s that everything works better when we’re connected. Well-connected - and connected well.

Remote working and disparate teams have given us all a fresh perspective on what true integration means and how vital it is and will continue to be from now on. And so, today, agency marketing and sales teams face a huge opportunity to put into practice what has long been preached: break down the encrusted silos between sales and marketing and finally unlock their businesses’ true potential. This is the moment. Now is the time.

Campaign is excited to host this webinar, in partnership with CRM platform Copper, that does more than agree with the sentiment: it gives examples, strategies, facts and figures.

Notably a 70% figure - that’s the year-on-year revenue growth that Copper and revenue marketing automation platform Outfunnel found businesses can likely achieve up to when their sales and marketing teams aligned more closely and developed strengths in close co-ordination.

And there’s more, of course. Join us to hear: 

  • Strategies to boost revenue growth by aligning sales and marketing functions
  • How digital product studio 383 worked with Copper to create a better internal structure and increase output effectiveness
  • Tactics and best practices of top-performing companies
  • What happens when siloed data and the high cost of tools are obstacles to stronger campaign management
  • The benefits and problems of tech in the marketing and sales process

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