Artificial intelligence has been powering business and our lives for many years but it’s true to say that the overt adoption of AI, and generative AI, is now going mainstream across the ad industry.

The development has given rise to so many questions, from how to train and encourage teams to embrace AI, and how to scale it within organisations, to how to protect proprietary and sensitive information when using  it.

But there’s one question that hasn’t yet been tackled: how to prove its ROI.

It’s a big one and an important one, yet rarely discussed or interrogated. Now, we’re bringing together experts to put this right with the aim of unlocking some of AI’s ROI proof points.

We’ll be diving into how much anyone is willing to measure the return on their shiny new AI investments, how to go about it, what the issues are and where we should not even be considering this question. Plus, we’ll share evidence from StackAdapt, Campaign’s partner in this session, of AI’s potential to drive advertising growth and efficiency.

Join Campaign commercial editor Suzanne Bidlake and StackAdapt chief executive Vitaly Pecherskiy plus an expert panel on Thursday March 21st, 10-11am.

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