The threat to tradition and the fight for talent

This webcast sheds a light on the major structural changes and creative upheavals that are currently taking place within the agency world, and discusses the most vital asset to any organisation: talent.

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Today’s agencies are confronted with a whole host of fresh challenges as traditional marketing practices, client needs, and industry demands evolve. Agencies must ensure they stay ahead of the curve and find the right creative talent, even as the number of experienced full-time agency workers shrinks. 

From adapting to the ‘New Normal’ and what the evolution of the creative industry means for traditional agency models, to resourcing your agency for an ‘Always on’ environment, through to how agencies can use freelancers in a streamlined and cost efficient way, this lively discussion answers the question: How can agencies stay ahead of the curve competitively and creatively while attracting and retaining the best of the best?

We examine:

  • How the emergence of new technology is changing the way businesses operate and creating new, versatile marketers and creatives

  • What it means for traditional agency models, and how they can adapt to maintain their creative edge

  • How agencies can benefit from the shift in the workforce, continuing to attract talent

  • Understanding how to use freelancers in a streamlined and cost-effective way to ensure maximum ROI

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