The intersection of marketing and service: Silo-busting tips for marketers who care about customer loyalty

This webcast shares tips on how marketers can join the dots between internal functions to ensure that customers are truly front of mind in all that we do. We explore creative ways to get buy in to deliver customer-centric business proposition and how you can take your organisation from customer service survival mode to brand-building brilliance.

Customer experience Email marketing Strategy

The reality of any organisation is that marketing cannot control every touch point our customers encounter – but if we don’t at least influence or get involved in the entire journey, then we waste the work we do to convince a prospect to take the first step.

Marketers must reach across their organisations to ensure the footholds and handholds that customer service, sales, call-centre, point-of-sale and operations manage, are laid out with the customers in mind – not the needs of our own organisational silos.

In this webcast we explore how to…

  • Ensure sales teams and product marketers have the tools that make it easy to create collateral that’s both on target and on brand

  • Ensure that call-centre agents not only know what promotions you offer but can actually access the mailer customers are actually holding

  • Build a website that knows whether your customer already owns the product being up-sold

  • Free customer service to tap into and easily join the conversation customers are having about your brand on social media

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