The 2017 programmatic tool kit

The 2017 programmatic tool kit

Campaign and Xaxis explore how to stay in play with a programmatic future and deliver measurable results. Don’t stand still. You can’t afford to. Programmatic is moving, changing, growing, maturing – you need to change with it.

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To help you unpick the latest research and state-of-play, Campaign Insight, alongside the outcome-driven media company Xaxis, hosts a webinar with a brand marketer, a programmatic agency head and an ad-tech guru. The session offers guidance on where programmatic is heading, why, and the essentials you need to know. 

How can you ensure you’re using programmatic to its full potential? How can you de-risk investment, reduce complexity and measure successfully? What are the tools, the expertise, the technology, the people you need now… and over the next 10 years? Join Campaign and Xaxis as we find the answers.

In the session, we will…

  • Find out from a leading brand marketer the challenges faced and their way forward
  • Discover how regions in Europe work with programmatic differently
  • Learn how to link insight and unleash programmatic’s real power
  • Discuss the findings from the latest pan-European research
  • Illustrate improved metrics and measuring
  • Equip you for the programmatic future

To find out more about the use of data across Europe, download the ExchangeWire research sponsored by Xaxis here.

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