Programmatic: How to get the right message, to the right consumer, on the right device

This webcast explores the metrics and attribution tools required by marketers to take a holistic consumer journey perspective and leverage the true value of programmatic.

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Programmatic and the RTB space has dramatically evolved into a powerful digital marketing tool. Brands are testing and adopting programmatic at an incredible rate, based on its powerful capabilities and ability to drive results. As a result, publishers are enabling increasing amounts of inventory to be sold programmatically - eBay went 100% programmatic for a week in December 2014, and Telegraph Media Group, Time Inc and Dennis have united to form a hub for private marketplace deals.

The reality is, in order to leverage the real value of programmatic, brands need to take a holistic consumer journey perspective. This means having a clear understanding of which metrics and attribution tools to deploy across the path to purchase, and ensure that each component complements the next.

In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with Turn, we investigate:

  • How to implement and maximise programmatic at all stages of the consumer journey

  • How to gain actionable insights into consumer behaviour

  • The role of the creative and human in the programmatic mix

All this is brought to life with a case study from Turn and their collaboration with Experian.

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