How to find, understand and reach your customers online

In this competitive data-driven landscape, to find, reach and communicate effectively with your online audience is a challenge for many marketers. This webcast delves into how you can truly know and understand your audience. 

Big data Customer experience Personalisation Strategy

 As consumers expect personalisation and a seamless end-to-end journey, the pressure is on for brands to get the customer experience right.

There are a myriad of channels available to marketers, for which data enables accurately targeted marketing campaigns built on rich and powerful insights. However, the data driving these channels needs to be of sufficient quality to maximise reach.

Tune into this webinar, hosted in partnership with Experian, and we will uncover:

  • How to utilise first and third party data to better understand existing and potential customers
  • How to successfully benchmark competitors, to help build your new audience
  • The importance of measuring your audience: who they are, what they say, what they do online and offline
  • How to execute a tailored and relevant marketing strategy

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