How data can solve your content marketing needs

This webcast explores how marketers, when using the right tools and processes, can gather intelligent insights which inform how to effectively position future messages and campaigns.

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As a form of advertising, 84% of consumers trust the judgement of their friends or family. As such, in today’s social world, brands need generate positive conversations as part of their marketing strategy.

To engage today’s tech savvy consumers; brands need to create marketing messages that really resonate. This means matching the expectations of the consumer, for example through tailored messages, developing brand advocates and providing shareable content. 

With an understanding of this process and the right tools, it becomes possible to gain intelligent insights which can inform how to position future messages or campaigns most effectively.

The challenge, however, is in proving the value of campaigns, maintaining the agility to adapt, tailor and target messages, and then amplifying engagement through nurturing ‘conversations’.

Tune in to our webcast, hosted in partnership with Meltwater, and discover:

  • How to maximise the impact of marketing messages in today’s modern media landscape

  • How to measure engagement levels across touchpoints

  • And, how to use these insights to intelligently develop future messages

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